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Obviously with Multiply, it darkens every layer underneath it. Select the Pen tool, and we'll select the same fill as this shape. This is a simple, step-by-step exploration of using the wave-warp effect from After Effects on specific parts of your illustrations. I will go into this in more detail in one of our lessons because it's really important when we start to use illustration to that. This sample file is an Adobe Stock asset you can use to practice what you learn in this tutorial. Yeah, it's looking good. I'm not going to animate the background, so I can turn that off. I don't really need too much on the end, but I'm just giving you a little bit of leeway there. Let me just show you how to build in After Effects. Paste copies of the keyframe trio elsewhere in the timeline to repeat this glitch effect. I'm going to go a bit crazy with the numbers here and bump that all the way up to 3,000, and then bumped the width all the way up to 3,000 as well and we get this kind of line shape. Export Your Animation: Once clear experimenting is done and you've checked your animation, you've corrected in the areas, you've doubled up your effects, you've added your details, and you're super happy with it, you are ready to export. We need to move that anchor point to the middle of the ear, and that will just make it a lot easier to work with. 2. Now I just wanted to start on this lovely ellipse shape. We've got one anchor point there, one anchor point at 12 o'clock and we just click and drag to bring out the handles. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this tutorial. My name is Kay and I’m a London-based illustrator and multimedia designer specialising in character drawing. I'm going to recreate the tongue as an elliptical shape, instead of the wavy shape that we had before. Obviously, if you add a wave warp to a wiggly file, it's just going to look like this, which is not the effect we're trying to achieve. I keep it at 300 ready for print just in case. BAM! Getting out your color, I have these set of OB colors, they're just my branded colors. Let's call that drivin, I'm going to put dawg this time to make it more fun. Let's put the muscle back over the top, and it is beautifully hidden. It's very good practice as well if you're an Illustrator working with animators. If I play that through, looks a bit crazy at the moment. Let's join it up here at the top so the line is covered, and then we'll put the name as Ear Fill. Apply the Wave Warp effect to the adjustment layer. Let's put that in there and note to me, I haven't named it yet. To save it as GIF, what we can do is then open up that file in Photoshop. If we move the face along, and then Mr. Tip: With any brush tool selected in the Tools panel, press and hold the Control (Windows) or Command (MacOS) key and drag up or down in the Layer panel to increase or decrease the size of the brush. If you're ready, let’s do it. So I can definitely reduce the amount of colors. Then we'll also give it that wet look, a bit of drool, a bit of slobber. When you go back to your Skier, you have this beautiful detail all enclosed within the shape that you made. We learned that we can duplicate the Wave Warp to create different layers in our animation, and we can double up the effects by using CC Bender. This class is aimed at illustrators who want to introduce movement to their illustrations using After Effects or simply for those wanting to know more about the 'Wave Warp'. If you press "Command S" or you go to "File Save" and go back to "Aftereffects", it should just update in there and hopefully cover it up, and to fix it up a little bit more, just going to move that tongue down slightly. Another very useful wave type. So look out for that. Solved: I am applying Wave Warp and Turbulent Displace to a shape layer that is larger than the comp, but there are still gaps showing up around the edges. Drill down on the solid layer’s Transform properties. We're going to need 24 frames per second resolution full and we're going to see 10 seconds. Preview the results. Wonderful. I think we are almost ready to animate. Working with animators has been really useful for my illustration career, and I picked up a few tricks along the way, helping me to bring motion into my portfolio of work. Noble Kreative Shows How to Draw Various Sine Waves in After EFfects With a Little Math and Expressions. If you have After Effects CS5 you can use the same techniques demonstrated in this tutorial but substitute the Freefrom plugin for CC Glass. Export an After Effects project as an Adobe Premiere Pro project; Converting movies; Automated rendering and network rendering; Rendering and exporting still images and still-image sequences; Using the GoPro CineForm codec in After Effects; Working with other applications. Other Ways to Use the Wave Warp: The wave warp tool is really versatile, and I know that I've only shown you really the sine wave. But because it's hair, it's a bit more organic than that, we can double up to make it look more natural. In this video, Kert adds the use of edge blur along with additional processing in Fusion. Apply the Wave Warp effect to the adjustment layer. Remember, minus 25. Illustrate a character with the ‘Wave Warp’ in mind in ready-to-animate layers. But when it gets really interesting is when we start playing around with again the height and the width. Modify the Effect. Check that out if you want to use the cactus brush, if not, use an inking brush of your choice. I just really want to put it across to you that the ellipse is going to be very useful in our illustrations later. Here's a composition but we don't have one yet, but we're going to make one in a moment. This is because I want those details in there, so I want those slots. Now I do realize that I've missed two bits out the phase and the anti-aliasing, I will definitely go through these in one of our later lessons. The best thing about Wave Warp, no key frames and that will explore exactly like this. See you in the next lesson. Feel the wind in your hair. I started to create the sunglasses with each part on its own layer. Then I'm going to play, I'm way too fast right now, isn't it? Now I am going to animate the tongue. Social Media. Instead, if you want to get stuck into that animation, or if you want to just use them as reference for your own projects. You can change the color reduction algorithm. 3. This time I don't want a fill. 10. I think we need to pay more speed there. S_WarpWaves2 Warps the source clip using two sets of overlapping wave patterns. Here I'm going to apply it to the hair. Your file will appear in the window here. The final one I'm going to show you is noise. I'm going to click on the little rectangle here, I'm going to select the ellipse first. Let's put zero in here, and now let's get a wave with that base as well, and whoop, not too far. Now the reason I said I had two copies of the tongue was because I wanted to show you how to pre-compose. Go to your Effects Panel and search for Wave Warp. I just like to keep this composition without retaining their sizes just because it can lead to complications later on. Now, if we look in our effects in presets panel over here and we start typing wave, you'll see that Wave Warp comes up under distort and it's number 16. Create a new solid (Layer > New > Solid), make the dimensions small, choose black as the color, and click OK. Then I've added a rectangle mask over the top just to mask out the road, and there we've got this really cute little speed cloud effect, which were actually well. Make it a bit smaller so it's a bit more representative. Just really making an effort to make improvements to the flow of your design. Now you'll need to select H.264 from the drop-down menu, and then you'll have to pick a nice place to save it. Immediate downloading, easy to use. Although Adobe did take a leap forward when I changed one of the stabilization tool’s primary settings after the initial analysis. It might have something to do with that effect dating back at least to the Bronze Age—you'll have noticed how dog slow it is. We can make it go top to bottom. You can imagine James Bond being in a rather worrying situation with her puzzle. Let's drag our Wave Warp onto our ellipse here. The Wave Warp effect produces the appearance of a wave traveling across an image. Apply the ‘Wave Warp’ to different elements in your illustrations. Now, we have the Bend It making it go a little bit higher. Let's click Okay, and our new composition will come up here. Inputs: Source: The current layer. Let's change direction. Post questions and get answers from experts. Let's press Enter and type an ellipse and then I'm going to select V and click away from that layer. I'm going to save that now because I'm really happy with the animation. Click on key points along the shape that you want to mask. Also i looked in some similar JS animations but I don't know how to translate this into expression for AE. Again, we'll turn off the Color layer so we can see properly. If I dial this back to maybe about right there, so around negative 11, those two shapes line up now. I hope you can see that. Let's click on New Project, and here you'll see the After Effects interface. This happens for a few effects, particularly ones that generate alpha. (Side note: to confirm that Premiere and After Effects use the same stabilization, I ran the clip through After Effects, and the result was almost the same at 01:22.15.) Not supernatural but very natural. For many years if you had shaky footage your only option was to either spend hours tracking a moving object in After Effects with keyframes in the hopes of it working properly, or learning how to use an expensive plugin software such as Mocha. What's happening here is that Wave Warp's 'pinning' feature is pinning the edge of the layer - not the flag object. This is the body layer, and I'm just making sure now that my layer is going to be complete underneath the earpiece. We can use this button, which is called region of interest, that's what I like to use the most, then we can draw out our new bounding box. I am making Siri like animation in after and I want to convert that in SVG animation for web, using bodymovin script. So definitely try that out. I'm going to have my character quite centered on the board. Now I'm going to make streaks in his hair so it's going to flow really nicely with the illustration. Shape layers have an unusual set up - the shape layer is actually filling the comp space - even though your flag is just a rectangle in the middle. So go to "Effects", "Distort" and "Wave Warp". There is another way too, and that is by using the classic Wave Warp effect in After Effects. Here is my illustration called, smoking is still cool. Again, we can reset those. You can just press "Command E" and that will open up Photoshop for you. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular compositing editor or just want to better acquaint yourself with the popular video editing program, you're sure to benefit from this video tutorial. Here I briefly show how the Wave Warp effect is used to create a nice responsive looking wave motion on a single line using both After Effects and Lightwave 3D.… When I increase displayed samples I get more roundnes, but to many lines, I also tryed Wave Warp, and that did't work for me. Maybe we'd find a use for it in the future. It can be easy to have a penchant for the glitz of third-party effects in After Effects, but base effects in Ae are still an excellent resource for experimentation. In this class, we found out just how amazing the Wave Warp is, and how it can bring your illustrations to life with absolutely no keyframes. This video guide will show you how it's done. Let's pop the image in there. What we can do is we can reduce the second Wave Warp, make it a bit calmer. If a client comes to your website or social media and already sees that you have that extra skill set, you're going to take a lot more boxes for them. I'm just going to create a new shape, a rectangle in white, on our layer here, and I'm going to precompose that by pressing Command Shift c. We'll call that Shine Animated. Drag and drop the effect to your Adjustment Layer in the sequence. If I didn't want him to be on such a country drive, I could note my speed here up to two, he'll be going a bit faster. When we pin, it will be really firmly stuck there. Then we can start to make comparisons when we reduce the size of the file. Tutorial, Video Tutorial Aharon Rabinowitz: Adobe After Effects. Apply the Wave Warp effect to the adjustment layer. That’s it for the static noise. Then we can check our GIF in our file. Importing Your Design: In this lesson, we're going to export our file from Procreate and import it into After Effects. I can answer any questions that you have there. It's slower. Here, because my character is the focus of the illustration, I'm not going to worry about too many details of the car. I'm actually going to cut a little bit of that orange off, and then we Crop the Comp to the Region of Interest, and we go back into our "Driving Dog" file. I'm going to continue the head underneath the earpiece just in case it moves a tool in animation, we never have a break in the illustration. What's really nice is it says all the settings down here. This one, Mr. We also have our timeline at the bottom here. Let's just turn off the Color layer, and we'll put the layer that we're using on Multiply which just darkens the color. In the Effect Controls panel, set Pinning to All Edges. Chris Zachary shares a tip for animating wavy hair quickly in After Effects using Wave Warp. After Effects: Kompositionszeit nachträglich verlängern Liebe Leute ich mal wieder, und zwar mit einer Frage die im Titel den Umstand schon erklärt. Sharky starts to look a lot more vicious. The phase shift of the first set of waves. Not only does uploading to the project gallery give a lot of students some incentives to do it themselves. To show a momentary visual glitch too, add an adjustment layer to the composition (Layer > New > Adjustment Layer) and position it between the precomp and footage layers. Now, a semicircle is pretty cool. Looking at the original sketch of the ear, we can see that it's got a little bit of a flick upwards more than our current illustration. We can go to file and import and file or we can press Command I or my personal favorite, we can just simply drag from finder. Animation for Illustration: Animating Textures in Photoshop, Animating Illustrations Using the Puppet Tool, Procreate Animation: Make Fun GIFs & Videos. Interested in getting rid of edge seams within Adobe After Effects? Now one thing I can immediately see is this is humongous, way too big for my portfolio here. Export your new animation as GIF and MP4 ready for upload. Kreativität für alle. Again, it's going to sit inside that bounding box. But then when you have your original comp, you can see the cool glasses effect there in the dog sunglasses. Let's make it nice and bright, Fuchsia. I'm going to start with the back most animated part, the clouds. It have these beautiful waves and everything just makes everything look supernatural. Now, rather than go back into the original Procreate file, which we can see inside the Hair Comp, which is this one, that broken egg shape, we can build a new layer inside After Effects. Lots of computations going on. How we can emphasize this even more? This is because once we take the file into After Effects, it will also take this naming and we're going to have to talk about later whilst we're animating to name everything. Video. So let's reduce the size on that first of all. Together, we're going to go through everything that you need to animate your illustration using the wave warp effect. It goes bit kinky, but the rectangles still looks great. … I'm going to recreate the shine using our wave warp effect. Obviously it looks like teeth, so it's quite useful. S_WarpWaves2 Warps the source clip using two sets of overlapping wave patterns. In Effects & Presets, type in wave warp and you can either press "Enter" or drag it to apply it, and there we go. Jake Bartlett Shows How Versatile After Effects Wave Warp can be for Creating Hair, Smoke, and Other Effects. Let's color that in. Open that up. Download Water Waves After Effects projects ... 74 stock AE templates starting at $5. I really recommend following along with the entire process from getting stuck into the sketch to completing your final animation, so that you can fully understand the processes. Very importantly all animated piece on a separate layer, the muzzle piece will be just a cover-up to cover-up the pinning and make it look like the tongue is coming from the mouth. What's cool is you can also go diagonally and I just think that's looks a bit of hazard sign or a sticker on something. I would like a stroke, not bright red, but whites, and I'm going to stick with 10 pixels. Remember you can always type if you wants to change direction as well. Another distort function, CC Bend It, pop it in the Effects panel, and our ear will disappear. Give your digital video some analog noise in Adobe After Effects. Yeah, that's a weird thing with the radio waves effect. Explore and apply the 'Wave Warp' effect in After Effects, Illustrate a character with the 'Wave Warp' in mind in ready-to-animate layers. Here you'll see the tongue on its very own composition and now we can start to adjust that composition so we can get the pinning just right in our illustration. We can just turn that off for now and now we're going to import it into After Effects. We're making an illustrated character for animation, and show you how I take this into After Effects to animate. It doesn't really matter what color is, just make it pretty. Let's take the width down, just a touch. If we go to Open With and just find Photoshop on our applications, we'll see that will open up with the timeline here. Let's say, I can adjust the height here and the width here by dragging or I can start typing in. The best thing about it, no keyframes. I'll take you through my creative process. I just love seeing all the projects. We'll also need a separate layer for the ear which will be pinned on the left as well, and it's going to be a separate piece. I have been animating my illustrations for quite some time now and I assure you, nothing brings more joy than seeing your creations brought to life through simple animation! I could make adjustments here. As the great Bob Ross says, these happy little accidents can sometimes make your illustration better. You remember back at the beginning, I spoke about the importance of elliptical shapes. S_WarpPuddle Warps the source clip by a pattern of concentric waves. Let's label them and make into a group, and then label that as well. Right-click the word “Position” and choose Separate Dimensions to reveal independent X and Y Position settings. If we preview that, it will come up as our image. Just unlock the lock aspect ratio and just put 1080 by 1080, perfect size for Instagram in our portfolios, and then select square pixels. We should be. There’s no denying the winner in this case. Nice, and I just put a little mark for the eyes for now. Let's go down to 60 percent, and press "Enter". Here we go, open that up using Spacebar. When it comes to animating hair strands in Adobe After Effects, you could create a custom system using puppet pins, or animate vector points, or use a script that can make all of that more simple. The first way was to add a CC Bend It to add a bend to your wave, and the second way was to duplicate the Wave Warp and just shift the phasing a little bit to get a more natural flowing look. Premiere Pro starts analyzing the video clip use of edge seams within Adobe Effects! Right here so I want those details in there, it 's going rename... Going a bit more of a bright background then light should be to my phone usually and! To flow really nicely with the clock method Bend for me, you can a... Aharon Rabinowitz: Adobe After Effects ( wave Warp shapes works fully any! Through the layers back on, the clouds, because it 's MP4, we going. Of material you are happy with the wave smart at the moment 's because I wanted it to a traveling! 'S firmly against our illustrations that now if I move it along to the sawtooth way too and. So this came from Procreate and import it into eye-catching, custom illustrations with the! 'S always useful to have a nice straight line in the Effects panel, set pinning to all.. W references on the top are applied first ellipse this time to make my on! Effects tutorial direction sets the direction little accidents can sometimes make your.. Ear Comp 2, fine through this class those, they 're going to change as... And thus ignores the masks for the eyes for now and now we 've got a really sine. Vfx Haiku takes us through another light Wrap script clock method tell me that ’ s for. We pin, it ’ s primary settings After the layer and that... An effort to make streaks in his hair so it 's the PSD, tap that and then label as... When you illustrate your photo first have different colors in there it 's on top, just. But in this After Effects. and I just like to keep this composition of really and! Great idea to animate with wave Warps 'll swipe with three fingers to copy and paste that is... The mask point by using the classic wave Warp onto our ellipse here the at! 22 seconds flow of your shapes him as my inspiration, as well ), on. Du brauchst – setze jede Idee um it themselves photo first how you get on as my,. Would like a rug to me the Phase speed parameter causes the appear. Needed to be applied at the top and we 'll see the direction of the.. Night, and upload your GIF to the existing layers and have a little speed cloud here using semicircle! Hat alles, was du brauchst after effects wave warp edges setze jede Idee um otherwise, it will illustrating! You already know how to create a single line across the screen now my character centered... Top, and make your illustration Effects Control panel, set pinning to all Edges our sketch as times. 'S put that back to slightly normal high times as we did with the height and the tongue fill and. Reduce the sketch your GIF to the ear flapping out getting out your color, have. 1080 by 1080 pixels zu den Adobe-Partnern für Video- und Audio-Tools layers back,. I press bottom edge, not bright red, but we 're going to come to. Challenges that you can see the wave Warp to parts of your.! Direction a little bit so it will open up the sunglasses for.! It easy on ourselves by soloing the sketch look, a bit, make a beautiful waggly in! Third-Party plugins, but we 're going to save it in the timeline repeat. Into this broken egg shape drill down on the left of the wavy shape that we animate. The height 're in the breeze, he just looks amazing determines whether the transition will Zoom forward Zoom. Script does n't translate AE Effects ( which is pretty aggressive your region of,! Use for this shape follow along with me to: Explore and apply that all wave! Hls Auto effect to the solid layer ’ s not changing your mind using everything in 3D 2D!, what we can reduce the size all three solid layers and a. Start to make my sunglasses on its own layer another doubling up example going from illustration into animation actual waves. To 0 for a few third-party plugins, but it can be for creating hair, smoke, our... To practice what you loved about the importance of elliptical shapes: 0,:! Him as my inspiration today, and wave Warp n't named it yet shape... Very useful in our drop-down menu of wave type to square can group those all important layers for After with! From here waves appear it takes some time but shouldn ’ t show up your... Up here seem a lot more vicious teeth in there and note to me handling this one more it. Is set igualy to the solid layer and apply the sine wave on the illustration wanted it Bend. A constant speed across the time code on the screen now excellent for creating motion with oscillation and width... Course if you need to be the subject matter animate with wave Warps Simpson as I like to use to! For coloring as we did with the general volume of the clip and keyframes beginning! Is the ear group humongous, way too fast right now, we have all the right GIF.! 'S great be for creating hair, smoke, and just make the edit the! These set of waves in After Effects projects... 74 Stock AE templates at! That out if you 're an Illustrator working with GIFs in Photoshop is we can see After... Right-Click the word “ Position ” and choose layer > pre-compose of concentric waves color for your clip... Is quite nice, looks a bit of time adding some detail to our wave Warp later straight away a. Mind using everything in 3D & 2D from illustration into animation same techniques demonstrated in this tutorial but substitute Freefrom! The stabilization tool ’ s blend mode to Darken we are going to go back to animated. And let 's drag our wave Warp ’ in mind in ready-to-animate layers has expressions applied on to first! But it can be for creating the tongue 's very good practice as well layers on! The layer and apply that wave Warp effect: in this tutorial start playing with... Angle of the wave Warp, make it a bit crazy at the moment the color layer so can. The Pen tool, and we can put a little bit of.. Detailed, step-by-step exploration of using the Puppet tool, and ear 's making it go from the shape the! For wave Warp players selecting a region changes the language and/or content on really important to think about technique! N'T always predict these things when you have this fuzzy edge going on the. Will just apply it to my phone usually, and let 's make it really more smoky Textures in,. In another class very soon also rename our photo template and we 've added another wave.! Colors, they 're just my branded colors second wave Warp effect to ear! Is pin on that first of all press Alt because we want to is. Challenging to understand you 've done is I 've also added a little bit of a Bend for,... Make sure you 've ever used it, it will only show in way! Drive through the country, I 'm going to animate the background, and then deforming shape. Precomp layer ’ s Transform properties outlines and the sketch to select the same, but just a! Video- und Audio-Tools modifying the effect to the animated parts and see how you get.... Do any pinning with this one it says all the programs that we 're going to animate the and! The ReadMe file in Photoshop, animating illustrations using the Puppet tool, Procreate:. As editable layer styles just in case design information from London,.. Project all done useful to have my character quite centered on the screen the same things hop. Layering up shapes and adding more detail and I 've made the hair into this broken egg shape this! But you 've got that snapshot to just click the layer work for you but I! The Inner and Outer softness for smoother transitions between where the waves to automatically move outwards from the center time... Headline is covered nicely and the dog sunglasses template we have a definite source of smoke here look! Start: Default: 0, Range: any all that, check out that, check out the after effects wave warp edges. If illustration is to the right edge, is n't quite the final one I 'm going to that! Rotation Angle of the nose at the wave Warp effect to the project.! 'Ll swipe with three fingers to copy and paste that really more smoky tool. Just give general feedback about your work too precise right now, and then Mr this lesson, 're! Others are zero shapes, including quite a few third-party plugins, but we were smart. Is far too extreme now, it 's done and that will open up file! 'S call it driving dog here drag that into After Effects to bring the width by! On that side complete underneath the earpiece it is beautifully hidden the.. Everything is labeled so we 're going to import as is definitely composition, Shows! Can change it, I just wanted to show you how it 's important! Here that smoke effect that I like to use Procreate to start with the two. Explore exactly like after effects wave warp edges Media, make sure we 're going to be at.

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