Welcome to Labor of Love Ministries!

How We Began

Labor of Love Ministries was founded by Pastor Andre Little, Sr. His last vision before launching his ministry was him being escorted on a train by angels.  In the vision while on the train, there was another train on the same track in front of the train he was being escorted on and that train was trying to impede the progress of the train that he was on at the time.  Then his train jumped off the tracks and went around the train that was trying to block or impede his progress and his train was moving so fast that it was as if it was moving at light speed and this pace caused his ears began to hear ringing.  The train went into a tunnel, then he arrived and was being escorted in the tunnel, although he couldn't see his escorts he knew they were angels and realized his feet weren't touching the surface but more like air walking and then as they were coming to a part of the tunnel that ended like a "Y" which had a left and a right side and on the left side he saw demons that jeered at him and immediately said "I don't want to be dealing with these demons" then the angels continued to escort him as they went to the right of an entrance and they arrived in a theatre.

In the theatre there was a family of five seated near the back, which consisted of a mother, father and three children and one of the children was a baby or toddler and the mother couldn't get the child to stop crying nor screaming no matter what she did to help the child.  I was then escorted on the right side of the the family in the theatre on a bridge ramp. I believe it was a dark liquid on the floor that reminded me of blood.  The Lord was at the end of the ramp and He said I'm calling you to pastor and that the baby is being tormented by demons. And he said all of your cousins aren't saved. The end of the vision.

I'm only here to obey the Lord and fulfill what He desires of me.  This is not of my own doing, but of the Holy Spirit of God.  He's ordained me and anointed me to help you get through what you're going through.  There are things happening in the spirit realm that many of us can't see or discern that are impacting and affecting our family's and specifically our children.

S.T.R.E.E.T.S. Ministry